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The use of activated alumina ball have?

The main purpose of active alumina ball are

In the petrochemical, fertilizer industry, can be widely used in catalysts, catalyst supports. Activated Alumina ball and has a strong adsorption characteristics, and thus acts as a desiccant of gas and liquid, gas purification adsorbents, drinking water fluoride removal agent, industrial effluent color and odor elimination of agents. Activated alumina ball with a home fluorine cylinder supporting the use of drinking water is the ideal home fluoride devices. The fluoride removal filter also with waterworks fluoride device or devices supporting the use of fluoride for industrial use, the better. Household fluoride fluoride removal filter device activation: Configure aluminum sulfate solution (3 liters of water, 0.3kg of solid aluminum sulfate), alumina fluoride removal filter into the solution, soak for 5-10 hours was discarded immersion (dipping To properly mixed), then washed with water 3-5 times, each time for about two liters of water, or adjust PH reproduction method, PH value control in 7.5. Activated alumina fluoride removal filter can be used continuously for 6--8 years, when the surface appears brown when fluoride removal effect will be significantly reduced, due to impurities in the water pollution in this system, it is best to use three percent every six months once treated with dilute hydrochloric acid , its operation in the same manner with the regeneration method.

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